Academy Hall Renovated

October 03, 2020
Source: Academy Arcadia
The academy hall received a facelift for the 2020-21 school year.

The opening of the academy's doors this fall for another year of instruction saw a change of appearance that brings new life and school spirit to the students and teachers.  Thanks to numerous benefactors and the sacrifices of countless generous souls, wainscoting, bulletin boards, paint, and school memorabilia were all added to the home of the Sentinels.

Thanks to numerous benefactors and the sacrifices of countless generous souls, the home of the Sentinels underwent some aesthetic upgrades that both the students and teachers appreciate.  The majority of the remodeling and decorative processes aimed at improving the appearance of the school hall, which happens to be the basement of the church. 

The main entrance of the school had for several years featured a tile wainscoting that complemented the hue of the statue of Our Lady.  Recently, similar wainscoting was added around the entire hall, and the finished product now colors the walls with texture.   The rows of tiles are broken only by cork bulletin boards outside each classroom, where student work is showcased on a monthly basis. 


In addition to the wainscoting at ground level, the school motto was painted in navy blue high up and above the south classrooms.  The Latin "BONITAS, VERITAS, PULCHRITAS," meaning "Goodness, Truth, and Beauty" in Copperplate font now spans the length of the south classrooms, a constant reminder of the goals of the school that reflect the qualities of its esteemed patroness.  The academy has nine grades from Kindergarten to eighth grade; since the name of the school pays tribute to the angels, each classroom door donned a plaque inscribed with one of the nine choirs, or levels, of angels.  Framed near the entrance is an explanation of the duties of each group of angels and information on the angelic hierarchy over which Our Lady presides. 


Other school memorabilia this year include new tablecloths for the tables in the refectory and a plaque that bears the lyrics of the academy anthem, "Onward Sentinels," a verse of which the children sing as a school every day before classes begin.