Our Faculty

The academy is blessed to have a dedicated group of faculty that contribute tremendous work to further the education of our children.  Meet the heroes of today's society:

Fr. Daniel Dailey: Principal - 7th/8th Religion 

Miss Maria Gerszewski: Vice Principal - 7th/8th Grade Homeroom 

Mrs. Julie Korten: 6th Grade Homeroom 

Miss Catalina Garcia: 5th Grade Homeroom 

Miss Sarah Halas: 4th Grade Homeroom 

Mr. Jose Romero: 3rd Grade Homeroom 

Mrs Gina Washiko: 2nd Grade Homeroom 

Mrs. Lisa Villafranca: 1st Grade Homeroom 

Mrs. Laura Studebaker: Kindergarten Homeroom 

Mrs. Donna Lee: School Secretary 

Miss Maria Simonton: Teachers Assistant